Brittany car hire with driver sales conditions

Booking a Brittany car hire with driver implies an acceptance of these conditions :

Our company provides to customers a Brittany car hire with driver.
The customers address to the driver the destination of his choice during service time.
Our packages include a vehicle in a good running condition, driver’s service, professional insurance, fuel, tolls and parking fees, the renting period and the number of kilometers, specification and options defined with the client.
The prices indicated all include taxes (VAT) in Euros (€).
Our prices do not include entrance fees to the sites (museums, theaters, castles …).
For any booking, a deposit of 25% is required.
The balance of payment shall be effected before the starting date of the booked service.
The sponsor of the service requested and who signed the purchase order is considered solely responsible for making payment in case of failure of the direct users.
We accept payment in cash and Paypal transfert from our website
We do not accept card payments in Brittany car hire with driver.

Book your car hire with driver in Brittany

Any cancellation by the customer for whatever reason, will entail the loss of deposit as a fixed indemnity.
For any damage to the car or others vehicles to be caused by customers , the repairing costs of the damage will be the responsibility of the client and will be paid by the customers.
Unavailability of the vehicle
In the event that our company fails to make a vehicle available to customers under the signed contract, the amount already paid will be refunded in full without recourse or compensation for injury.
In the case of a breakdown or an accident during the service which leads to making the vehicle unavailable, the payment amount to be refunded will be prorated to the time spent, without recourse or compensation for injury.
The damage caused in case of delay of the vehicle can not be attributed to our company.
The luggage is allowed under the responsibility of the owner. The volume of luggage transported is proportional to the capacity of the Brittany car hire with driver.
The driver has the duty to respect the traffic law. It’s forbidden to violate the rules of the road on the request of customers (speed, one-way, etc …)
Smoking is prohibited in the Brittany car hire with driver.
In case of dispute of any nature whatsoever, Saint Brieuc courts have exclusive jurisdiction, even if multiple defendants or introduction of third parties. French law is applicable only.